Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Act! Contact Management Can Help You Make Sense of Diverse CRM Data

One tool that can help managers make sense of the highly diverse data available in CRM and turn it into business knowledge is Swiftpage’s Act! Contact Management software. One of the most popular CRM software products, the program can collect data from business’ social media accounts, productivity tools, and accounting records. Data that it has gathered can then be easily presented in a simplified manner using automatically generated reports.

Another advantage of the software is that it can be easily deployed by businesses of any size. It is very easy to learn and companies like Stewart Technologies can teach new users how to use the software by providing extensive Act! training online.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

BYOD and Its Alternatives May Transform IT Services in Baltimore

The “bring your own device” (BYOD) model for the future of enterprise offices has been the subject of heated debate over the last few years. Although many companies are still mulling over whether or not to adopt BYOD, the model and its alternatives make it hard not to imagine that it may transform IT services in Baltimore and how they are provided.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring Network Support in Baltimore

Computers have become a necessity in today’s business world. After all, computers have made many business processes - like documentation and computing - easier for employees to perform. However, if your business makes use of multiple computers, printers, and other devices, it may be time to take advantage of computer network support in Maryland.

Whether you need reliable network support in Baltimore or in other cities in Maryland, be sure to contact a reputable IT solutions firm like Stewart Technologies, Inc. to help you set up your network. Afterward, ask yourself the following questions to help give the IT firm a clearer picture of what you need out of your network.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Great Reason for Peachtree Training: Sage is Best Accounting Software

Business owners and managers have gained another great reason to undergo Peachtree training from companies, like Stewart Technologies, that can provide in-depth instruction on the subject: Sage (Peachtree’s new brand name) recently won two awards from eChannelNEWS’ Reseller Choice Awards.

Any company that wants to excel in its industry of choice needs to make sure that it has the right tools to make measuring, processing, and communicating financial information both effective and efficient. To keep up with the large volume of information that growing businesses generate on a daily basis, its accounting practices must be up to the challenge. This is the advantage that Sage 50- formerly Peachtree Complete Accounting software- offers businesses that use it.