Thursday, October 10, 2013

Peachtree Complete Accounting Software: A Smoother Transition From Accrual Accounting to Cash Accounting

"If this new method will be implemented, it will require a vast number of accounting departments to begin using the new cash accounting method. Although the cash accounting method will benefit businesses that do not enjoy the luxury of being paid upfront or directly after the service or product is rendered, this will force a new way of computing taxes for accountants all over the country. While there is certainly the option to learn this new method from scratch, Peachtree Complete Accounting software can help make the transition smoother for accounting firms and departments. Peachtree Complete Accounting (a.k.a Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2014), is a program that aims to reduce the time and effort it takes accountants to compute projections, taxes, etc. Peachtree Complete Accounting offers features such as automated purchasing and automated shipping, allowing accountants to focus on other matters and thus increasing productivity."

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