Sunday, August 3, 2014

CRM Systems like Act! Contact Management Software Help Net You Sales

"A good example of this is Stewart Technologies’ helpful Act! contact management software. One of its impressive features is its History function. With all of the customer interactions a manager goes through, it is no surprise that some are forgotten or fall through the cracks. This can result in lost sales, but with a record of those dealings, a company can follow up on all of them, which is what the History function does. Another area a CRM system can help a business in is its expansion plans. As an example, Act! contact management software has algorithms that screen your contacts to determine which ones will make excellent customers for your company. Additionally, these calculations- which are based on age, data, dollar value and more - help influence who to prioritize in any dealings. The programmed automation also helps maintain logistics, like supply and contract renewals, to foster growth."

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